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  4. Thursday, 13 June 2019
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OF COURSE!!! That is our goal for our colleagues. We want YOU in OUR TEAM.

The Online Music Guild offers several ways for our musicians to make money.
Our goal is to develop you and your content into a residual money making machine for yourself.

So how can you make money?

  • Deliver Online Concerts
  • Deliver LIVE Concert
  • STREAM your live concerts
  • Create an AUTOMATED course
  • Deliver Online Lessons
  • Create a full time studio
  • Sell your colleagues courses or lessons (Affiliate Marketing)
  • and many more!!!!
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I recently did a concert online via the Online Music Guild and I got to make some money! It was a great experience... I have also worked with @LucianoMarazzo for many years and I love the amount of concerts we managed to put together.
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