Your Musical Career depends on the way your present yourself! Coherent Visuals, Stunning Samples and a Clear Message are essential to have a positive impact on requesting gigs. The Online Music Guild is here to help you develop a solid presentation  point for you to land better gigs, more often and with a crowd that will reward you the most.


Material Production Class


There are three areas that the music industry and the consumers are constantly looking for. Your music does not on depend on your online presence. However, if you utilize your online tools to build up value around your music, the reach of your music will increase significantly.

We present you here the three legs of the stool you need to generate. We are here to do this for you so you can focus on making the most out of your music.

Web Dev

Market Research

Social Media Management

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Executing a complex plan requires a coordinated team. We are ready to pull the trigger effectively to leverage your talent in your favor in a way that will benefit and prolong your career. Coordinating your Website, your Social Media and your Live Performances can multiply the effectiveness of what you do. We not only execute plans efficiently... we make sure your actions have high impact and the waves and trends are exploited as much as possible. If you are looking at this packet, you are seeking to maximize your efficiency. You want your work to do more. We are here to support your work and make everything you do a productive effort.

Laser Focused Development