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Violinist Marta Bratkovic Named 2016 Artist-in-Residence at The Online Music Guild

The Online Music Guild has named upcoming international violinist Marta Bratkovic as its artist-in-residence for 2016. As for this residency, Marta Bratkovic has been hired to perform concerts in a number of cities in the United States. Last year's inaugural artist was John Paul Shields. As part of his residency, Bratkovic will present a series of public events at locations assigned by the Online Music Guild designed to promote Classical Music in a modern context, with a particular approach to the delivery. The events held by the Online Music Guild featuring Marta Bratkovic would be numerous in the next year. Touring and Career development is the focus of the Online Music Guild.

"It will be a very great privilege to have Marta Bratkovic double up her engagement at the Online Music Guild " said Luciano Marazzo (founder and president of both the Online Music Guild and Ascoltando Inc.). "As a musician, Miss. Bratkovic embodies the passion and vibrancy required to play violin. I believe this is a result of her personality, culture and education. For this reason, Marta Bratkovic is a very important asset for the Online Music Guild. Those are the traits we feel responsible to pass-on to the next generation of musicians. We think the success of our recitals is mainly because of the way we choose our Mentors and Performers. It will be a pleasure to host the upcoming recitals for Miss Bratkovic in Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and Seattle, WA.

Born in Zagreb in 1990, Marta began playing violin when he was only seven years old with Helena Žubrinić. At age 18, Marta finished high school being awarded ''Golden plaquette'' for best student of the generation and entered with honors to Zagreb Music Academy in 2008. Six years later graduated with a Masters after wining national and international competitions. During her tours, Marta performed in countries such as Estonia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Venezuela. It music be mentioned that Marta Bratkovic was a regular guest artist in the festival "Musici on the String" in Sarajevo (Bosnia), participant of the Chamber Orchestra Split Virtuosos and also Concert-Master at both the Croatian Youth Orchestra and the Budapest International Student Orchestra. Bratkovic is currently the Violin Mentor of the Online Music Guild and finishing a second masters in Violin Perfomance at SMU in Dallas, TX.

Soirée Enchantée is the title for Marta Bratkovic's signature recital. It features music by Debussy, and Ravel among other renowned French composers. This program speaks volumes about the spirit and personality of Miss Bratkovic. The selection of the French repertoire is strictly related to the connection Marta has with France, its culture and sense of musical aesthetics. Tickets for Soirée Enchantée range from $7.29 to $48.56 and they are available only through the Eventbrite Checkout Page.

About The Guild:

The Online Music Guild is a Music Mentoring Institution focused on music careers development and coaching. Concerts are crucial for the formation of our students. Having Mentors, Guests and Students jumping on stage fulfills everyone's education.

More info can be found online at onlinemsuicguild.com

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