The Online Music Guild is a platform for talent and career development. We have a platform capable of helping you achieve multiple streams of income. The Online Music Guild is a company of builders. A philosophy of ownership carries through everything we do — from the proprietary technologies we create to the new businesses we launch and grow. You’ll find it in every team across our company. 

We develop the ideas, the services and the products that make life easier for music students and established musicians. This way, good things happen faster.

The Online Music Guild is continually evolving and is a place where motivated employees thrive and employee ownership and accountability lead to meaningful results. 

So stay a while, check out our open positions and apply online.

Fields of the Online Music Guild:

  1. Music Mentors
  2. Music Performance
  3. Content Development
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. Tech and Customer Service
  6. Administration and Staff