Develop Lightning Speed & Pinpoint Accuracy


The Classical Guitar Manual

Speed & Accuracy - Vol. 1

Playing fast is EASY when you have a clear plan to train and practice. This brief and effective manual will assist you to improve your SPEED and ACCURACY with easy and well thought exercises. We provide you with all all the elements you need to raise your standards and start shredding on your instrument the RIGHT WAY

In this manual you will get the BEST advice on:

  • Practice Habits
  • How to use a metronome the SMART WAY
  • Using time focusing on what really matters
  • How to select the most efficient fingerings
  • Left-Right Hand Synchronization
  • How to shift positions correctly
  • Posture and Concentration
  • ... and more!

What do people think of this manual?

Leandro Perea

Buenos Aires, Argentina

"If you play the guitar (or aspire to do so) this manual is for you! You'll learn about various types of scales which will enable you to be a guitarist with a wider range of abilities."

Jesse Stoddard

Seattle, Washington

"This manual is a dynamo! Speed and Accuracy are easily achieved following those directions I highly recommend this to all guitarists as well as aspiring guitarists!"

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