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Dear New (and old) GTR-102 Students

Please review all the info as much as you can this post because it contains all the info you will need to make sure you practice and advance in your musicality as fast as possible. We are offering you a very competitive price-point for the intermediate Classical Guitar Signature Webinars. You have access to the following:

- Access to the Live Broadcast of GTR-102
- Replays of all GTR-102 Webinars during your subscribed period
- Master Class seat to learn from our Guest Mentors
- Access to the Guitar Forum but restricted to participate in GTR-102 treads

What should you be doing to make the most out of our coaching?

- Practice daily
- Participate in the forum
- Listen to recordings of all kinds
- Seek to perform in public (keep your mentor in the loop)
- Be professional and friendly to your fellow Classical Guitar Players
- Reply to this topic. We keep it up to date thanks to you.
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