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These are the three principles for success. They apply to every professional career in any imaginable field. The music industry is no different and it does require a very focused amount of work just as any other career. The Online Music Guild is here to help you set the stepping stones for your career. Starting with your musical talent, building your presence and exposure, leveraging your network and increasing your value. We are here to make your time worth it so you can make your career boost to levels that meet your expectations and beyond.

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Press Releases
Camille and Kennerly Kitt, also known as the Harp Twins are an up and coming fantastic musical duo and today we get to peek into their lives and get to know th...
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Classical Music
The Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248, is an oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach intended for performance in church during the Christmas season. It was written for the Christmas season of 1734 and incorporate...
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The Polonaise in A-flat major, Op. 53 for solo piano, was written by Frédéric Chopin in 1842. This composition is one of Chopin's most admired compositions and has long been a favorite of...
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Music Composing
Classical Music
Alma Deutscher (born Feb 2005 in Oxford) is an English composer, pianist, violinist, and child prodigy. At age six she composed her first piano sonata. At age seven, she completed...
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