Dynamic Advanced Music Coaching

For career development and advancement


Online Music Education is our specialty.

The fundamental focus of those services is to assure that the material that you are generating is representative of you as a musician. Reaching your audience has to be done at various levels. We help our subscribers develop website, gigs and social media with a strategy that builds a regenerative wheel.

Build your Material and reach your Audience!


Material Production Class

This is the education you need to develop a solid and converting Electronic Press Kit. The material you include in this packet has to be polished and used strategically in a way that your potential customers will have a clear idea of how amazing your product is.

We understand that is hard to measure art as a product and the customers that will hire you should be convinced that you are worth every penny they are paying you. Approach the subject from the customers point of view: "If I hire this musician for $1000 for a show, what am I getting in return asides of the music?".

We will help you develop a Press Kit that answers that question. You will bring followers, prestige, help with ticket sales, blogs, and many other elements necessary for your customers to be able o hire you again.

Website Development

$ 49.97

1 Month

The Online Music Guild has resources to build, host, and maintain your website. Building a website is complex and time consuming. We offer this service because we have the tools and the experts that can help you have a solid website that opens up your opportunities.

The fundamental tools that make a website functional are: Blogs; General Forms; Picture Galleries; Event Calendars; Social Media Integration; Testimonials; and more. We have those features ready for you to use in your favor. We have the expert that will do it for you so you can spend your time in practicing. Low in cost and tailored to help your audience fall in love with you.

Market Research

$ 99.97

1 Month

Your gigs are important, your time is important, your practice is important and getting things done in time is important. Having someone doing the research for you can be the asset that makes a difference. The number of gigs you get is important but also the quality of gigs is crucial for your advancement.

Accountability is an important part of this process. Having someone managing your gigs and driving you to collect business cards and have them organized for you will get you going on the tasks that musicians often overlook. Therefore, you do not fall short because you will have a person that covers for you and makes sure all details are set for you to be able to deliver your art at your best level.

Social Media Management

$ 149.97

1 Month

The last piece of the puzzle you should ever work on is how you release ad distribute your information. Building accounts on random platforms without a detailed plan is pointless. It will not hurt but you will focus on followers when your real focus should be on building your value through your gigs.

Having an expert managing your social media accounts helps you tailor your message across the web to the different audiences you will be reaching via your platforms. A Social Media Manager will boost your reach, build up your niche and you will be backed by the entire platform of the Online Music Guild so you reach our audience and fans that might have an interest in your music and persona.

Laser Focused Development

$ 299.97

$ 399.97 First time discount!
1 Month

Your can combine all the services together for a maximized approach towards your career. This way you will experience growth in all the aspects you need and you will be supported by a team that will make your job easier and more enjoyable. With this plan you will not only save money, you will earn the possibility of building a plan for your career to bloom and progress at an accelerated pace. This means more gigs, more connections, and most importantly, more time in your hands.