Dynamic Advanced Music Coaching

For career development and advancement


Music is an art that must be cultivated and nourished constantly. The artistic growth of a musician is challenging because of the ethereal nature of music. Sculpting sound requires a set of ears away from the performing chair.

The Teachers, Coaches and Mentors of the Online Music Guild are here to he the set of ears you need at three different levels. Music goes far beyond notes, rhythms and expression.We are here to guide you in the path towards your musicianship.


The Ranks

The Online Music Guild offers three ranks of instruction for your instrument. Maximizing your resources and time is important and we provide access to a wide variety of material, classes and opportunities for students across all the ranks.

Teachers focus on guiding you through the process of learning notes and technique.


Coaches ignite the passion, feelings and ideas behind the music to make it bloom.


Mentors engage your musicianship and rise the bar to meet world standards.