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  • Mentors

    The teachers that determine the way and intelectual priorities of The Guild.

  • Administration

    The people in charge of Websites, Social Media Management, Market Research and miscelaneous tasks. Also musicians of course!

  • Partners

    Colaborators, secondary services and artists of all kind that take part in the concerts and events.

  • Students

    Our most prioritized value!

Team up with us!

The Online Music Guild is taking musicians and opening opportunities to young proficient musicians.


This form will be evaluated by three executives. If you are chosen as a potential Mentor or Administrator, you will be interviewed to see if you are a good match for the Online Music Guild.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that all the information here is true to the best of your ability. We will not share this information to anyone but the evaluating board of the Online Music Guild. This information is kept secure and encrypted under our protected servers that have an Extended Validation SSL and will stay there until is downloaded for evaluation. After that download the information is deleted from the servers for your security.


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