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Classical Guitar

This is Classical Guitar

The GTR courses are certified Online Music Guild Classes offered weekly by Luciano Marazzo. The objective of the Classical Guitar Webinar is to help you develop as an active performing classical guitar player. This means that our objective is for your education to be productive and fruitful. Classical Guitar is a beautiful instrument that can fit in innumerable venues. Your mentor will guide you on how to develop your talent and deliver beautiful sets of music to your audiences. The differences you will find between the levels of GTR is for us to separate the 4 levels of students we encounter.

GTR 101 is a course that establishes the fundamentals and essential building blocks of Technique for the Classical Guitar.

GTR 102 utilizes the materials of GTR 101 to be leveraged on short pieces and harder etudes keeping things easy and simple.

GTR 201 shifts the focus to prolonged types of compositions where the artistry requires consistency and appropriate delivery.

GTR 202 drives the student to perform full length recitals in public. This is essential to develop the stage mindset that performers need.



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