We are a company that finds classical talents, helps them grow and brings them to a stage as they are in their best.

The Online Music Guild is a registered Limited Liability Corporation established in October 2014. All rights reserved and registered as a legal and independent entity. The Online Guild Dynamics is the core of the company. As an organization, we are providing services for musicians to Learn, Teach, and Perform in a platform that has great vision for the near future. We see the world changing fast and we have decided to take the lead as individuals. We bind together since we valued our connections and thankfully we have the chance of connecting with eachother in a way the world might have never imagined one century ago. As Mentors in the Guild, we take on the responsibility of using technology as a positive tool to enhance freedoms and liberties. For this reason, we are compeled not only to provide you materials that will help you become a better musician, we also offer material for your personal enhancement and knowledge. Our intention is to help you become better in every aspect of your life. Thank you for your attention and your business.