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Being an educator requires content, track record, experience, and accountability. If you wish to become a Mentor at the Online Music Guild, you have to show us that you have what it takes. This is our way of coaching you about the platform, and our expectations.

This is a gig that will both educate you and pay based on performance and quality of your material. When it comes to monetization, you are responsible for your Google AdSense and Affiliate Links. This is a unique opportunity because your earnings do not get capped with a fixed number. Well written articles, with the correct affiliate links placed correctly, can pay you far much more than a fixed fee for your article. Furthermore, organic real clicks on your google adds will also give you a solid constant cash flow for each one of your articles. We will help you drive traffic and promote your work.

If you are a good fit for us, we will email you with your credentials.
Your account will be ready to start working immediately.
Coaching about blogging is available through our forum.



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