The Online Music Guild - Presents 
Francesca Troilo - #StayHome Concert

As the world takes refuge in these unprecedented times, The Online Music Guild helps musicians from around the world present their music. From Taranto, Italy we present an EXCLUSIVE concert performed by harpist Francesca Troilo.

Francesca Troilo has cultivated her passion for music since she was a child, and after first approaching the piano, she discovered almost by chance her true love, at the time, for her, still one "mysterious" instrument with a veiled charm. He performs as a soloist but there have been, and no shortage, orchestral performances with young Mediterranean talents, also participating in several masterclasses with national and international harpists. On the occasion of this concert, she will present some pieces taken from the solo repertoire for harp; including the famous Toccata by P. D. Paradisi.

Francesca Troilo


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Francesca Troilo - 11/10/2020 ($ 4.99)
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