The Online Music Guild - Presents 
Ipek Avenk - #StayHome Concert

As the world shelters from these unprecedented times, The Online Music Guild is helping musicians from around the world to continue delivering their music.

Turkish and French chamber musician Ipek Avenk, graduated from French and Belgian Conservatorys and winning prices in France for Nerini Flute and Bobigny singing competitions. Ipek Avenk & Isabel Tosoni are playing a beautiful German Romantic music program hier ,with the works of genius composers like Schubert,Schumann,Brahms ad Liszt. A unique, intimate and emotional moment of music, where instrumental workof schumann the famous "3 Romances" meet passionate love lieder... to welcome beauty to this New Year 2021!

Ipek Avenk


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Ipek Avenk - 01/31/2021 ($ 4.99)
For Life Time