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Classical Guitar

Learn Guitar with the mentors and masters of the Online Music Guild.

Courses in this category:

$ 29.97

Learn how to play the first 10 Leo Brouwer etudes. Take a look on the "Contents" tab where you can see the entire course material. You can access the videos that are in blue as a sneak peak. The rest of the course is private for enrolled students.  In this course you will receive more than 10 hours of recorded video lessons, handouts, and more. Leo Brouwer is a 20th century composer. He has written several pieces that are cornerstones to the classical guitar repertoire. His 30 etudes for...

$ 49.97

La Catedral is perhaps Agustín Barrios's best known and most played composition. Even though La Catedral is one of Barrios's early works (written in 1921), it didn't assume a final form until the last years of Barrios's life, when the Costa Rica (1939) and El Salvador (1943) manuscripts were written. Throughout his career, Barrios evolved how he played La Catedral, adding and removing parts, changing fingerings, and renotating entire movements. As a result, you will find that nobody plays...

$ 49.97

A COMPLETE guide that will guide you to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about this beautiful composition. You can see the introductory lesson in the "CONTENTS" Tab. This course will focus mostly on technique, interpretation, and memorization.Italian guitarist Mauro Giuliani was a great virtuoso of classical guitar and wrote many works, including much appreciated are the “Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra op. 30″ and the variations “Rossiniane“. The Sonata op. 15 is an advanced...


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