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Share your knowledge

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Learn Music with...

  • Mentors that can guide your talent and career
  • Clear objectives and milestones 
  • High-End Technology from the comfort of your home
  • A network of like minded musicians
  • Opportunities to perform and teach
  • Special guests offering Master-Classes and lessons
  • A staff of musicians that know the industry
  • Musicians that keep on Learning, Applying, and Performing
  • Live Personalized lessons that get recorded and stored for you
  • Quality examples to develop aesthetics and a critical ear
  • Real humans (just like you) that care about your success!!!


Signature Webinars

Those Courses are Certified by the Online Music Guild. Every session is 30 minutes long and delivered live for you to interact during the webinar. After that, a recording of the session is sent to your inbox for you to replay and continue learning.

GTR-101 - Beginner Classical Guitar
GTR-102 - Intermediate Classical Guitar
GTR-201 - Advanced Classical Guitar
GTR-202 - Professional Classical Guitar

VLN-101 - Beginner Violin and Viola
VLN-102 - Intermediate Violin and Viola
VLN-201 - Advanced Violin and Viola
VLN-202 - Professional Violin and Viola

VOC-101 - Beginner Bel Canto
VOC-102 - Intermediate Bel Canto
VOC-201 - Advanced Bel Canto
VOC-202 - Professional Bel Canto