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Did you think it was too late and pointless? Think again!

All of us come to moments of truth where we realize that our past does not reflect who we are. Change is not an option: it becomes a responsibility because we have learned that it is time to step hard and say "this is who I am". Serene had that realization and left her job at Google to be who she really is: a professional concert pianist.

The story, however, is far more fascinating because Serene never went to a Conservatory nor a University to study music. As a matter of fact, her degree was indeed in computer science. However, her commitment was always to music. And commitment is always the game changer. This applies to all of us humans. We were made for a reason and our responsibility is to let things unfold naturally. All the past we need to embrace as lessons. When you follow your true calling, you have unlimited energy. Remember this and become the real you. 

More about Serene

A rising young concert pianist from San Francisco, Serene enjoys presenting the life-changing beauty and power of classical music with audiences both new and old, in a wide spectrum of performance spaces from beautiful concert halls to stages in the forest, river, or desert. She has become known for her uncanny ability to engage listeners with her sensitivity, her commanding graceful presence, and her technical ease. Most recently she has "magically enthralled audiences" in venues ranging from the Vienna Musikverein, to Golden Gate Park, to the inside of a decommissioned Boeing 747.

Although Serene never attended conservatory, she is now being invited as a soloist to play concertos with symphonies. Serene is the guest soloist with the San Francisco Civic Symphony this season, performing Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 at Herbst Theatre. Serene is also a Sunset Pianos Featured Performer. She has won several awards, most recently the Gold medal in the United States International Piano Competition, First prize in the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition, First prize in the US Open Music Competition, and numerous other prizes in competitions past. Prior to embarking on her current trajectory as an ascending next-generation pianist, she studied computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, graduated one year early with university honors, and moved to Manhattan to type code while living on a sailboat.

Her online following is growing and you may follow her piano adventures on instagram: @serenepianist

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