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Who is Julio Cristaldo?

Working with musicians from all over the world has always been a pleasure. I personally met Julio in early 2019 as we organized a concert and master class. The experience was out of this world! Seeing Julio Cristaldo deliver a true royal master class on Agustín Barrios reminded me of the master classes I took with Eliot Fisk, David Russell, and many other world-class artists. However, the concert was particularly stellar. The audience didn't want me to stop playing! The brief concert that was to last 45 minutes ended up turning into a 90-minute show!

Julio Cristaldo is always a pleasure to work with! Great character, amazing musician, and most importantly, a kind soul.

Julio Cristaldo

One of the young exponents of the classical guitar in Paraguay; He has taken his art to different parts of the country, as well as to the world. He made two international tours in 2019 to Argentina and Germany. Its plasticity has allowed it to collaborate with orchestras, guitar duets, violin, cello, guitar orchestra, as well as with artists from the popular world.

Julio Cristaldo performs pieces for lute, piano, opera adaptations, as well as Latin American music. However, his mastery relies on the music of Agustín Barrios (also from Paraguay)

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