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Last year has been a game changer for music, events, and gatherings. Today, as many countries are slowly returning to regular live performances, the Online Music Guild continues to offer #StayHome Concerts. Our goal is to continue opening opportunities for musicians globally. Here's some of the reasons why we keep our #StayHome Concert program up and running.

1. We found our that our online concerts sell regularly.

2. We have helped over 75 musicians in 2020.

3. We are projecting at least 150 concerts for 2021.

4. Musicians can perform a live show and live stream it at the same time.

5. Our platform has seen incredible growth with this strategy.

6. Our audience loves the musicians we handpick for our roster.

7. We simply love promoting concerts by talented musicians like you!

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Concert Requirements

Only 35-50 Minutes of Music
You can make brief introductions
to the concert and each piece

High Speed Internet
You need to either upload the concert (1.5gb)
Stream the concert live

Recording Equipment
Cam + Microphone + Editing Software (optional)

Professional Background
Concert can be done at home or in a public space.
Just be professional with your choices.

Concert Price Points:
Most of the concerts we host are priced at $4.99 per ticket.
However, you can send us a more tailored price point.
You should choose your price point based on your audience.
Price point can range from $2.99 to $19.97 (USD)

Musicians Earnings
Tickets priced $4.99 and above pay 80%.
Tickets priced under 4.99 pay between 60% and 80%.

Upcoming Concerts