Tips to Record a #StayHome Concert

At The Online Music Guild we give our musicians the possibility to stream live or to pre record their concert to accommodate to their circumstances. You might not have the best internet, or you really want to generate the best concert you can. If this sounds like you, this article has some important information that can help you record, edit, and upload your concert to our platform.

1. The audio and video quality must be at their best.
2. The duration of the concert should be 35 to 55 minutes.
3. The size of the video should not be larger than 1.5 GB.

Remember that you can always send us a question using the comment section bellow. We will answer your question and also update the article for everyone else to know.


Don't forget that the file you are sending us has to be a specific format.
You can configure this when you are exporting the file from the editor before you upload it to our servers.

FILE SIZE: 500mb to 1.5gb
FILE NAME FORMAT: YYYY-MM-DD-Artist-Name (example: 2021-03-30-Luciano-Marazzo)


1. Recording:

You might be recording your concert with your mobile phone, a goPro, or a DSLR. Remember to use the native camera application and the highest resolution. This will harness the full power of your lens.

Lighting, background and position are important aspects to consider. In addition to using the light to your advantage, some factors that will help you are:
Clean your camera lens, always shoot horizontally, and adjust your camera settings.

Place your microphone in a location where you can capture the best possible sound.

2. Editing

Use your preferred software. We use MovAvi and Adobe Premiere, . The goal is to even things out in the video and audio file. Work on the Contrast, the White balance the Brightness and the Filters to make the video look as natural as possible.

Remember to check the audio level of the audio and that everything is perfectly aligned.
- When you have finished editing. Export the concert in 1280x720 resolution and HD quality.

3. Uploading:

Send us your material at least 48hs before your concert. Remember we need to prepare everything for the livestream. Since you have helped us editing the file, now it's our turn to help you out. We will have the video setup for you and ready to go. You can stream the show yourself or we can do it for you. To upload the file, you have two options.

Option 1
You can upload the file straight to our server using our website. You MUST be logged in first. Then CLICK HERE.

Option 2
Use Google Drive and share the file to our google account: [email protected]
Make sure to give us permissions to edit and download the file.


To schedule a concert, you can CLICK HERE to fill up a form.
Of course, you can send us an email with any questions you might have: [email protected]
We typically respond within 24hs.

Laura Mazon

CAM: Nikon D5500
MIC: Blue Snowball
EDITOR: iMovie

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Ben Diamond

CAM: Zoom q2n
MIC: Rode NT1 A
EDITOR: Sony Vegas Pro

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Francesca Troilo

CAM: iPhone
MIC: Internal Mic

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