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The Online Music Guild is a resource for musicians and teachers determined to improve their talent. Our personalized curriculum can include Automate Courses, Group Webinars, Private Lessons and many other services that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Our services save you time traveling to onsite locations as well as avoiding having to coordinate your time around an instructor's schedule. You choose when and where you learn.


Our programs are a great value for the quality of instruction you will receive and risk free as we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.


Our system records your lessons to allow you for you to replay at your convenience, even after your subscription has expired.


Our courses help protect your instrument, from damage and possible theft, by reducing the need to transport your instrument to various locations.


Upon establishing confidence in your skills and repertoire, we offer the opportunity to earn money playing live concerts and online concerts.

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Renata Zubkova

Classical Guitar, Russia

I hate going to lessons with my guitar. I'm always paranoid that my instrument might get stolen or maybe broken beyond repair. The Online Music Guild has taken that fear away! Plus the coaching is simply excellent!!!

Leandro LaRosa

Classical Guitar, Argentina

I have played guitar from 30 years. I am very happy that the Online Music Guild Teachers know how important posture is for a player of any age regardless of their level. It is clear that they want their students to be able play for a long time!

Jesse Stoddard

Classical Guitar, Washington

Learning guitar through the Online Music Guild has helped me maximize my time. In the past year I have seen improvement in my technique, taste, and musical ideas. I strongly recommend The Online Music Guild to learn music!