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If you have to do it, do it in the woods!

​We heard innumerable stories of composers gathering inspiration from nature and yet we make so much effort to perform in concert halls and many other venues that we believe to be a source of inspiration. Khatia Buniatishvili made a huge statement with her Waldkonzert as she broke the barriers and the walls we put between our us and the real source of life in this planet. Keep in mind that by life I mean anything that is in motion. Music is life indeed. 

So I hope you have a chance to make some time to enjoy this work of art. I will be truly surprised if by Claire de Lune you failed to shed an involuntary tear. 

More about Khatia...

Khatia, born in Batumi, Georgia, by the Black Sea, on the longest day of 1987, knows the price of freedom and independence, and understands the energy needed to stand tall in life. The example set by her parents did not go unheeded. During the chaotic period her country went through, Khatia's parents had to display great resourcefulness to keep poverty at bay. Her mother, who introduced her to music, sewed together magnificent dresses for both her daughters from bits of cloth that she scavenged here and there. The sisters saw before their very eyes a model of creativity for smiling in the face of adversity.

The piano, however, has never posed a problem for Khatia. She has been blessed with impressive ability, giving her first concert at the age of six. For fun, her mother would leave a new musical score each day on her piano and, hungry, Khatia's long, octopus-like arms would devour them. As she has never had to struggle with her instrument, she has always considered pianos from the whole world as friends from whom she must draw the best, respecting the oddities of their characters and sampling the charms of their personalities; while at the same time never looking to change them or make them her martyrs. Her sister Gvantsa is an excellent pianist too. Together they make a quite complementary duo as one has her feet on the ground and the other is supersonic. 

Franz Liszt is one of her heroes. He was the one with whom she wanted to venture first into the world of discography. Liszt is constantly pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. He innovates and is generous, bringing together popular and academic styles, the profane and sacred, nature and poetry – he transcends whatever he touches. 

Visit: http://www.khatiabuniatishvili.com/

Coloratura forged with fire at its best
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