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Soy Profesor de Música con orientación en Guitarra egresado de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina) y me desempeño como músico y docente en diferentes ámbitos. Es un placer para mi formar parte del blog de "Online Music Guild". Ojalá mis publicaciones lleguen adonde tengan que llegar ¿Te prendes? Me interesa llegar a ser mucho más que un músico, ya que la música es sólo un área de la vida, y considero que no hay que limitar la vida a un área, si no que en todo caso es mejor utilizar ese "área" para hacer crecer la vida toda: Ese soy yo =) Si quieres conocer más de mí, visita mi sitio personal en facebook: "Hago Música Mis Dedos" ¡Hasta pronto!

Born and raised in Modesto, California and the great PNW. Grew up on a farm and found a love for animals. Dabbles in painting and many different crafts.

Luciano Marazzo is a Classically Trained Musician and Entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He performs music worldwide and runs companies that complement his musical work and achievements. Worth mentioning is his 501c3 Ascoltando, Inc. as it is a charity that helps those who are hard of hearing and promotes the arts.

As a Musician, he is an established opera Singer and Classical Guitar Player. He loves presenting music on stage, but he has a passion opening performance opportunities to other musicians like himself. As a mentor, his online studio allows him to deliver lessons from anywhere in the world through the Online Music Guild. This company has opened up freedom and innumerable opportunities to him and many other musicians.

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