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Your niche is important! Stick to it!

Stranger things is a show that personally did a lot for me. This is a great surprise because this video is pushing even more buttons that what the TV show did. First of all, as I was talking with Nathan about the blog, I was excited because of the value and variety he is bringing to the world of nylon strings. However, things accelerated quite fast when he sent me the sample he wanted to feature via the Online Music Guild: Stranger Things combined with Classical Guitar, Candles, and Halloween Pumpkins. But how am I going to tie all this together to talk about a Niche? Well... because it is a quite rare Niche! 

We have all seen a skilled musician playing the Mario Theme on 5 electric guitars and such (ok... it was only 2... I'm allowed to exagerate) Nathan managed to develop something so unique that he doesn't have to play the hardest pieces to show off his skills to try to win. He also excelled at making videos. But finally, he took it seriously and turned his passion into a business. It really took me one second to know that I had some gold in my hads when he sent me his video.

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More about Nathan Mills

Nathan Mills is a Professional Guitarist, Passionate Teacher, Lucky Husband. and most importantly... a Huge Nerd. His objective is to help classical (and fingerstyle) guitarists make more unique music in less time, so they can experience new excitement and fulfillment in their playing. For this reason he created Beyond The Guitar. Nathan's three big why's:

  1. He loves playing music that isn't typically heard on the guitar
  2. He is passionate about  movie, tv, and video game themes/soundtracks
  3. His calling is to help fellow guitarists

In all his years of training as a classical guitarist, he was never content with playing the same standards that everybody else was playing. In other words, you and Nathan share something if you have to brace yourself every time you walk into your friendly neighborhood guitar store because you know you'll be hearing "Stairway To Heaven" for the 5 billionth time, So, to bring some much needed excitement to my playing, Nathan decided to reach out beyond the guitar's standard repertoire and began creating his own arrangements of popular music as well as movie, tv, and video game themes for solo guitar. This is what makes up Nathan's Niche. How about yours?

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