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Alina Mreana - #StayHome Concert

Alina Mreana is an Classical Guitarist from Bucharest Romania.
Alina Mreana, born on October 16, 2003 is a classical guitar student at the George Enescu National College of Music in Bucharest Romania, where she studies with the President of the Romanian Guitar Foundation, Professor Liviu Georgescu.
After starting taking classical guitar lessons at the age of 7, as she grew up, she decided that she wants to pursue a career as a performer, so her main goal at the moment is to continue studying music abroad so she can make her dream come true.

Concert Program:
BWV 1006 - Prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata III: Allegro Moderato by Manuel Ponce
Invocacion y Danza by Joaquin Rodrigo

Alina Mreana

Classical guitar

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Alina Mreana - 11/20/2021 4.99
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