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Instaboost 4 Musicians
Get a boost instantly!
/ 1 year

Our exclusive group will help you build YOUR brand, get more gigs, and make money by using Instagram to establish a raving fan base of hyper-responsive followers who hang on their every word.

Learn the right way to use Instagram.

Learn from other successful musicians that are getting more followers from Instagram.

Get more followers and super-charge your social content engagement.

Get more Instagram followers now

Stop wasting time on Instagram creating content that nobody cares about


PRO Website Builder
/ 1 month

Our service is worth $2000 for the creation of a PRO Website but we only charge you $1200 divided in 12 installments. 

The Online Music Guild has resources to build, host, and maintain your website. Building a website is complex and time consuming. We offer this service because we have the tools and the experts that can help you have a solid website that opens up your opportunities. The fundamental tools that make a website functional are: Blogs; General Forms; Picture Galleries; Event Calendars; Social Media Integration; Testimonials; and more. We have those features ready for you to use in your favor. We have the expert that will do it for you so you can spend your time in practicing. Low in cost and tailored to help your audience fall in love with you.

You will save:

  • Social Media Aggregators: $10/month
  • Email Marketing Tools:  $30/month
  • Funnel Generator: $80/month
  • More...
Instagram Growth Plan
/ 1 month
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