Welcome to Luciano Marazzo's profile page. Luciano is a classical guitarist from California. Through this page, you can contact me for personalized lessons, live presentations, and general contacts. You are welcome to use the form to contact me. I will get in touch with you shortly. Luciano Marazzo (born March 30, 1985) is a Lyric Tenor and Classical Guitar player from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Musically trained from a very young age, he was part of the studios of teachers such as Silvia Leidemann (Piano) and Irma Costanzo (Classical Guitar). His musical training in Argentina goes from 1989 until 2005. After playing simple classical compositions on the piano, he moved on to continue exploring different styles and instruments.

Luciano holds two Masters in Music in Classical Guitar and Vocal Performance. Among his teachers, one can find Dr. Ying Yeh, Grayson Hirst, Pamela Bathurst, Pamela Casella, Reanto Serrano, Tom Patterson, Tobin Roye, and Thomas Villoteau. After graduating, Luciano began touring and dove into developing services to assist musicians through the Online Music Guild. Luciano performs in Europe, South America and the United States. His signature recitals are: "Serenade" (a recital of popular songs in Spanish, French and English) and "Prosa" (A Romantic Recital for Tenor sung in Italian, German and Russian).

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