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CGW is the Guitar Festival you don't want to miss

The 2018 Sierra Nevada Classical Guitar Festival & Competition is right around the corner and it's time to get signed up and ready to compete. As a classical guitar player myself, entering in competition mode is fun because it helps you focus and become a better player. No matter how the results unfold, you already know that if you sign up, you will be practicing and growing intentionally to deliver the very best you can.

However, the point of the festival is not only about the big prize. Yes, there's a chance that you could convice the pannel to pick you as the winner based on how you reach their ears and hearts. But a bit further out (behind the panel of judges) there's an audience that will get to listen to you play. And on the wings of the stage, you will have your colleagues (to avoid the word "rivals") trying to figure out how to surpass the bar that you have just set. And still, even with all this going on that will surely challenge you and make you grow, you still have the chance to listen to the guest artists and the amazing opportunity to learn from the workshops.

This means that you have an opportunity today to sign up for this festival and start doing what you were taught to do. Remember that you as a Classical Musician, you are responsible to build up your talent, also your resources, and your network. This is preceislly what a festival can do for you.

The Online Music Guild supports the efforts of Classical Gala West because this is a charitable organization. The sign up fees are merely nominal to filter away the players that are not 100% commited to their music.

For more information visit http://www.cgwest.org/

Vasil Chekardzhikov - 1st Prize (2011 Sierra Nevada CG Competition)
Adult Competition: July 19-20, Info, Rules and Registration:
Youth Competition: July 19, Info, Rules and Registration:
Artown Classical Guitar Concert: Thursday July 19, 7:00pm
Artown Classical Guitar Concert: Friday July 20, 12:00pm
A lively performance with Larry Aynesmith and other instrumentalists.
Finals: Friday July 20, 1:30pm Adult Classical Guitar Competition
Classical Guitar Concert: Sunday July 8, 3:30pm JACK CIMO  (3rd Prize Winner of the 2017 Sierra Nevada Guitar Festival.​)
​Pre-Festival Concert: Artown Classical Guitar Concert
​St. John's Presbyterian 1070 Plumb Lane, Reno, NV 

Classical Gala West is a 501c3 non-profit organization that promotes classical guitar concerts, competitions, and festivals in Northern California. We included their PayPal link for donations to be sent directly to CGW. Remember to request a receipt to make your donation tax deductible

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