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Jenn Tzeng: a great example on how to Lead By Example

Being a Music Mentor is a challenge because it takes a lot of work and dedication. This past weekend we came across the studio of a very talented violinist in the Bay Area who asides of being an incredible musician, has built a very good studio. And this is why I am blogging today. 

By a very good studio, I mean that Jennifer Tzeng has a teaching method that gets students to become better students. It is evident in her style of presenting her studio recitals that she is using some very refined coaching techniques that we classify as the mentor traits. In this video, we can clearly see how her student Kavita is talented and comfortable with the music. Jenn is doing three things with her student that made me feel I needed to write about her:

  1. ​Her student is in front of Jenn. This is making Kavita get used to the audience
  2. Jenn's body language changes with the music and this is helping the student
  3. Both play the same fingering and bowing which shows how much work they put into it.

Some personal thoughts by Jenn:

I feel blessed with what music has given me in my life. And it is my dream to share that with my students and their families. I love when I see the light bulb click with a student, and they grasp a concept or perfect a piece of music. It really makes me happy to see my students grow as musicians and also gain confidence and learn to mature in their personal lives through learning the violin. 

​​Everything is circular. I teach my students, and they also teach me. my passion is teaching.

I stay busy as a full-time violin/viola teacher and also as a performing musician. I have studied extensively with Anne Crowden, as her private student for 10 years. I was also coached throughout the years in prestigious music festivals, quartets, and orchestras.

Ranging from chamber groups to San Francisco Youth Symphony, and concertmaster of the San Francisco State University Symphony Orchestra and Palo Alto Philharmonic, and various professional solo opportunities, I have had an extensive experience as a musician.

I have also been teaching as a full-time violin teacher since 2008. I've had students as young as 3 years old and adults as well. I have come to develop an intuitive understanding of exactly what my students need for them to succeed. 

Learn more about Jenn Tzeng Violin Studio here: https://www.tzengmusic.com/

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