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Tango on the other side of the word

Listening to Anikó playing music from my country was a wonderful experience this morning.​ The truth is that this was also a wonderful surprise. Anikó and I met via Instagran and my immediate reaction when I heard her selection to feature in the blog was a bit of that emotional bittersweet sensation that Tango leaves in your throat. I know that Anikó had no idea that I am from Argentina and this made her request even more magical!

Those are the coincidences that I cherish. They remind me that music has no boundaries and no matter where we are or who we are, we have infinite opportunities around us and we are all in the same boat playing the same game. Ironically, this Piazzolla piece, Oblivion, has all those feelings and more written into the music. I am happy to introduce you to this wonderful guitar player playing some music that will caress your soul.

Anikó's Music in her own words:

Ever since my childhood I am touched very much by music, and I want to bring this kind of experience to people with the music I play. One of my first memories is that I'm in my Estonian grandmother's house and I'm playing her kannel (an Estonian string instrument) that was hanging on the wall. I was totally enchanted. Somewhere deep inside I hear the kannel's sound when I pick a guitar string. I always think of music as something sacred and transcendent. I sing in a church choir called Lutheránia, where we sing mostly J. S. Bach's great works. I'm not that type of guitarist who wins competitions, but I really like what I do, and appreciate very much that this can be my profession, because I had to face a lot of difficulties to get here. 

Photo credits: 

Mihály Horváth & László Urbán ( fund them via http://horvathmisi.hu)

For more informatin about Anikó visit http://onlineclassicalguitar.com

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