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Social Media debunked for musicians and artists

Why do we need Social Media?
Social Media is an ocean of opportunities and it requires skill, attention, consistency and energy to make magic using the platforms that can make our career blow out of proportions. The truth is that no one will be ready for the exposure and being a famous musician will require a great ordeal of grounding and balance in personal and professional maters.

Many believe that Social Media is about gathering fans while the real essence of Social Media is to connect people. Take this as a parallel example: people hang out because they want to listen to certain music together, go to a concert, explore new music, etc. The same principle applies to Social Media. In other words, you are utilizing your image, your music and your style to connect people. For example, musicians get booked in a location because it allows for the venue to become more attractive to certain people.

The Tools
Social Media is a tool to become visible in the circles you have not yet taped into. The more visible you become, the more traffic you generate and this increases the value and power of your presence both live and online. Therefore, it is very important to have a Social Media Marketing strategy in place with the objective of growing your followers in every platform possible. The big five are essential to begin with and they provide a strong solid ground for growth. However, the important part of Social Media is to utilize the tools that will lead your followers to convert into a user, consumer or supporter of anything you might be offering. The formula does not fall far from any standard Social Media Marketing for any industry. The unique part of the music niche is that the footwork is quite specific to the industry. This means that a Social Media Guru could help you but a Social Media Manager who specializes in musicians would make a substantial contribution.

The Wheel
We can not simply give away all the answers in one concise blog post. For this reason, we recommend you to educate yourselves and explore the possibilities of the Social Media Platforms. If you have any questions please post them bellow and we will make sure to answer them in future blog posts.
The info-graphic however demands for the following:
  1. Website
  2. Blog
  3. Big Three + Youtube
  4. More People
  5. Direct Sales
  6. Event Sharing
  7. Promoting Videos (and images)
  8. Booking ready?
  9. Specialist for content
  10. Measuring Results
  11. News and Efficienc

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Why should I have a professional website?
Amazing Bach piece played by a Blooming child prod...

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