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How to pin and boost your musical presence

A brief description:

Pinterest is a tool that people generally use to store ideas and remember simple visuals because it helps them achieve goals. The niche of Pinterest is fascinating because women absolutely love this platform. It's worth underlining that 81% of Pinterest users are women and the largest portion of them is between 20 and 40 years of age. Furthermore, the average time spent on Pinterest is almost 15 minutes per visit. This is crazy! So we should simplify it to a simple sentence: Women ABSOLUTELY LOVE PINTEREST!!

So what?

The truth is that Pinterest users are trigger happy and this is the key reason for this post. Even if the users pin things fast, they really have no attachment to the pin (nor the product attached to the pin). We're telling you that basically every pin is a drop of water in a giant ocean. So why should anyone bother in pinning if pins create no attachment nor a relationship and basically provides a tool for the user to make things for themselves. The real value is in the back-link created by the pin to the original site of the image and the fact that your pin can reach people that you never heard of.

Pinterest for Musicians:

The bottom line is that you as a musician really need a website to leverage Pinterest in their advantage. This website has to have the capabilities of delivering material that can be pinned for good reasons. The simplified formula is: Amazing Images + Good Ideas and Solutions. Therefore, blogging is the perfect tool for any musician should want to have if they want to tap into a very active group of women that might have an interest in what you have to share. 

The great news is that not all the material needs to be about you. For example, if you happen to be a violin player, you can always write articles about the best strings in the market, the top 5 violinist of the year, or your favorite violin maker. The fact is that you can feature other people's images and capitalize on the connections you are making. Therefore, you are basically enhancing your audience by telling people what your interests are. This will ultimately attract the people that sincerely share similar interest and this is where the real value is. For more information email us at [email protected] or click HERE to see how we can help you achieve your social media goals.

Search Engines

Google and many other search engines want to see high ranking scores in websites. The ranking has a lot of variables and back-links is a very important one. A URL is a dot in the web. The more lines go through that dot, the more important and visible the site becomes. This is what we need to achieve to make sure our websites are visible to search engines.

Leads and Demographics

The fact that you have an image pinned by a Pinterest user gives you data about the kind of audience your graphics and looks are attractive to. Because of this, you now can either adjust your strategy and/or make sure you keep driving your images to expand the audience you are currently developing.

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