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Join the Guild and help us building the Web Empire!

We are very happy to announce that we have inaugurated officially the 
Website Development product for applicants in the Guild!

After more than 4 years of hard work with Joomla Systems we are now launching our most powerfull service 

for the Guild with the clear objective of link us all as musicians and artists taking our own unified space in the web. 

We want to invite you to know what we have to offer for you and the community! 

Choose your style.

Keep it simple and visual or go for a well presented and organized articles full of information. Our main objective is to reflect your professional profile as best as possible and for that we work on the details with every customer. In fact the customer has access to the systems we manage so, If you want to update articles, images, or create new blog posts we teach you how to do it by yourself! We work on Joomla systems wich provides a lot of options when is designing time and most important, it is an opened source, that means more freedom, basically we don´t work entirely on templates. Having a sistematic approach and huge experience on this software we are able to set up and design and full site in just weeks. So send us the requested information and your site will be runing soon!


Every site we build is connected to the entire Guild. Stylized and sober links will be on your site and in the others as well. This is because we want to empower every opportunity and support each other by creating a huge traffic and taking a big space on the web. If you are a blogger or you like to publish your videos or news, this is even better! The entire Guild gets benefied by this!


Of course the Domain will be the best option available on internet for your name or company and is fully protected with: SSL (secure socket layer) wich generates a linked encrypt between your site and the server where is hosted; Site lock security wich scans your site looking for anything that shouldn´t be there, like malware or harmful code; and Domain Privacy wich means that your domain is under resposability of the server provider, in this case: GoDaddy.

This is just the most important features we offer, 

feel free to take a look to the entire EPK!


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