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Luciano Marazzo is a Classically Trained Musician and Entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He performs music worldwide and runs companies that complement his musical work and achievements. Worth mentioning is his 501c3 Ascoltando, Inc. as it is a charity that helps those who are hard of hearing and promotes the arts.

As a Musician, he is an established opera Singer and Classical Guitar Player. He loves presenting music on stage, but he has a passion opening performance opportunities to other musicians like himself. As a mentor, his online studio allows him to deliver lessons from anywhere in the world through the Online Music Guild. This company has opened up freedom and innumerable opportunities to him and many other musicians.

For more information visit:



Jenn Tzeng: a great example on how to Lead By Example

Being a Music Mentor is a challenge because it takes a lot of work and dedication. This past weekend we came across the studio of a very talented violinist in the Bay Area who asides of being an incredible musician, has built a very good studio....
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Astor: A warm birthday wish for you from all of us musicians

Astor: A warm birthday wish for you from all of us musicians
Astor Piazzolla was a composer of incredible talent that figured out a way to navigate both worlds of Tango and Classical Music. As a Classical Pianist and composer, he was winning world-renowned competitions and had the privilege to study in France ...
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CGW is the Guitar Festival you don't want to miss

The 2018 Sierra Nevada Classical Guitar Festival & Competition is right around the corner and it's time to get signed up and ready to compete. As a classical guitar player myself, entering in competition mode is fun because it helps you focus and...
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How can musicians really exploit social media?

We all know it and we all say it: Social Media is an addiction! But how many of us really simply shut it off? The honest truth is that we musicians have to use it for business purposes but keeping some important issues at bay. Social Media is a ...
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Wasting your money on a music degree is stupid!

Everyone (including myself) has fallen into the trap of "purchasing" a music degree via an established institution. It took me a verry long time to realize that the cost in "Time and Money" had no tangible Return of Investment. This is is main topic ...
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Do Guitarists actually suffer of a God complex?

It's interesting to see how many people start playing guitar because they are on their way to fame and fortune. The truth is that the music industry (backed by Hollywood) has made the figure of the guitar player into a semi-divine figure of awesomene...
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Your brain can benefit big time from learning guitar

 The Classical Guitar is an instrument that requires left-right hand coordination. This kind of complex task demands the brain to utilize the opposite hemispheres in different ways, forcing the performer to focus in a quite particular way. ...
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Maria Callas: Passion is the secret ingredient

I prepare myself for rehearsals like I would for marriage. by Maria Callas Today is a special day to remember Soprano Maria Callas as the 40th anniversary of her death still casts a shadow on the hearts of every opera enthusiast in the world. Callas ...
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How to pin and boost your musical presence

A brief description: Pinterest is a tool that people generally use to store ideas and remember simple visuals because it helps them achieve goals. The niche of Pinterest is fascinating because women absolutely love this platform. It's worth unde...
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Pianists that really know how to play relaxed

​Learning and memorizing music is a process that sometimes takes blood, sweat, and tears and it could lead to tension. Practicing relaxed is important to play relaxed. In those two videos, Lang Lang and Josh Wright introduce why relaxing is important...
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Five wonderful violinist jokes that you need to share!

An important matter: "Violinist tend to be tedious because they think very highly of themselves"... This is a wide spread popular belief that actually is is far from true and we must stand for what is right. Many say: "I have innumerable violinists i...
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Tango on the other side of the word

Listening to Anikó playing music from my country was a wonderful experience this morning.​ The truth is that this was also a wonderful surprise. Anikó and I met via Instagran and my immediate reaction when I heard her selection to feature in the blog...
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Why should I have a professional website?

Your web presence as a musician is important but it should complement the objectives you have for your career. A fundamental truth is that technologies can only evolve into the most extreme absolutes and we must take profit of having a site that open...
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Social Media debunked for musicians and artists

Why do we need Social Media?Social Media is an ocean of opportunities and it requires skill, attention, consistency and energy to make magic using the platforms that can make our career blow out of proportions. The truth is that no one will be ready ...
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Amazing Bach piece played by a Blooming child prodigy

We decided to feature Olivia Chiang beacuse it is an example of how musicianship can be inspired at an early age. The important part of the message is not the awards and the success but remembering how much time and hard work we must put into buildin...
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